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Konnyaku Jelly

I’ve tried to experiment on how to make successful jelly for the potluck organised by my hubby’s colleagues before the actual day.

1st try was not so successful as there are lumps inside the jelly. The correct method of not having lumps inside the jelly is to heat up the solution and pour the jelly powder gradually bit by bit while stirring the pot of solution.

This is the 2nd time I tried making the jelly before I post this picture.


This 2nd time I’ve made is orange jelly. The 1st time was lychee jelly (but rather plain) and 3rd time is lychee and cocktail jelly (but I didn’t take picture of that).


Making jelly is rather easy by just buying the packet of Konnyaku jelly and make sure the correct stirring and mixing of the jelly powder into the solution.

However, making the jelly tasty isn’t easy. The above packet is one with just jelly powder alone. There is also a similar packet but with the word “Citric Acid/Malic Acid included”. It depends whether you want one with or without. I bought a pre-mixed packet with malic acid and sugar included and it works just as good.

However, for the 2nd time jelly, I only have the jelly powder and there is no mixture of sugar or Citric/ Malic Acid. Therefore, I uses rock sugar and lemon.

The recipe can also be found at the back of the packet.

Recipe :

  • Konnyaku Powder (10g)
  • Rock Sugar (210g …… I prefer slightly lesser)
  • Water (950g… I juice the oranges and add remaining with water)
  • Citric Acid/ Malic Acid (1/8 teaspoon…… I use lemon and just squeeze some to taste)
  • Flavours (of your own choice; 1/4 teaspoon or a drop will do)
  • Liquid colour (1 drop …… optional; I didn’t use)
  • Canned fruit (I use fresh orange for this. 3rd jelly I’ve made, I use a can of lychee and cocktail)

Method :

  • Juice the oranges (pulpa) till 400ml and add 550ml of water. If you do not many oranges, you can use some syrup to replace. Using real orange juice can taste the pulpa too. I have many mandarin oranges and oranges, so I have lots to juice.
  • Heat up some juice, add rock sugar.
  • Add more juice (maybe left with 400ml to add later) and pour the Konnyaku powder into the water gradually and stirring till boil. Add a bit of lemon juice to taste.
  • Off the flame.
  • Add Flavouring to the solution.
  • To make the solution cool faster, add the remaining 400ml of juice while continue to stir so that the jelly won’t harden.
  • Scoop the solution into the mould and add slices of oranges. Cool a bit more and add more solution to it. I added grapefruit for the 2nd layer. Cool somemore and add the last portion of solution.
  • Chill the moulded jelly solution in the  fridge and ready to serve when cold.

6 Responses to “Konnyaku Jelly”

  1. How much lemon do you use?
    It looks good, must be tasty!

    • Hi. I think it is 1/8 teaspoon. Just a small amount to replace the citric acid. 🙂 Yes. It’s really tasty and healthy if you have lots of oranges. The result is not as hard as normal Konnyaku jelly.

    • I forgot to add citric acid nor lemon into my konnyaku. Is it still edible? Thank you.

      • Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it is still edible. Citric acid or lemon is to enhance the taste. But as long as you cook the jelly, it should be ok.

  2. Hello, does the konnyaku jelly still taste chewy by using lemom juice instead of acids?

    • It does not affect the consistency for using lemon juice or citric acid. However, if you do not like it as it is too hard, you can add more water than the required amount so that it is not very hard and chewy.

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